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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lottery and Power Ball.

Ever wonder how the Lottery is only won at Casey's Convienence Stores and only the States that allow anonymous winners are where they keep winning? Imagine using ground metal dust mixed in the black paint on the balls used for the numbers. Then imagine a magnet activating to pull the metal painted balls up instead of the other balls. That would pull up the balls they want. Then imagine people know which balls are painted with metal in the paint and pick those numbers. Watch the Movie, "Lucky Numbers" with John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow. Yea movies are fake. Some are based on true stories. People copy cat movie storey's. Go figure. The metal dust is from brake lathes. The metal is ground into dust as they turn the rotor's and drums. They can manipulate the electrical charge in the metal and use a WIFI Electrical Magnet pick up to pull the ball they want in the order they want. Look at the, "Spiro Graph". It works on static electricity on graphite or metal dust with a magnet pin on a set of wheels and pulleys. Dennis Wilson is the Kansas Lotterey Secretary in kansas. He launders money through Village West in KCK. So does Cumulus/Intercom Radio in KCK. That is where Johnnny Dare gets all these stolen funds for his, "Low Dough" concerts. He also launders charity funds. March of Dimes, Cancer Society etc:.. Lance Armstrongs Foundation hooked up with the Hunt Family. Yea the Kansas City Chiefs Hunts. They are big in the United Way. Lance comes out, Live Strong gets dismantled and the United Way will launder the Foundation Funds. The Hunts own the soccer team. It used to be at, Arrow Head Stadium. As I said earlier, Agent William Robert Delaney of the Overland Park KBI is on the KQRC 98.9 The Rock FCC License Board. They are just laundering money and stealing from "Not for Profits. Also read, http://herbertwestiiicandidateforksgovernor.blogspot.com/2009/07/health-care.html It shows some more of their money laundering. Stop the Bull Shit. Read more at http://herbertwest3rdcandidateforsheriff2012.blogspot.com/     

Friday, November 9, 2012

Drought Assistance.

I live in Kansas. I have witnessed the Drought in my county neighborhood. What to do to help reverse the problem? Water!!! Ok, that makes sense, right. Imagine a pasture on the river. The river is lower than the pasture/farm land. How to get the water up to the pasture/farm land? Syphon it. Place a barrel or stock tank on top of a short tower. Place a hose from the bottom of the tank, up to the top of the tank and elbow it down the side of the tank and tower. Place the water line into the river. Then place a valve at the bottom of the tank on the other side of the tank and place a water line on down to the ground, into the irrigation channel or ditch. Then use one way check valves to stabilize the pressure and stop back wash. Then fill up the tank, and then drain the tank. This cause a vacuum and pull's water out of the river and into the tank and thus places that river water into the irrigation channels and ditches. This will help reduce the drought problem. If you agree, send me $100.00 and thank me. I don't control the amount of water your allowed. You control that and negotiate that with the State and Federal Government. I am not responsible for this concept, you are. The $100.00 is tax deductible. I also feel that this tank concept will work on wells and other water sources. I have a 150 foot deep water well. I use a vacuum pump to draw up drinking water. I am going to have my landlord add a tank around the pump. I will have him place a "Y" Pipe between the well and the pump. It will have a one way check valve on each of the "Y" line sides. One will go to the pump, one will go up towards the tank. The tank will be above the height of the pump. Then the line coming out of the pump will go into another "Y" Pipe. The other line from the well will go into the tank. Both lines will go into the tank. The tank will be connected into my trailer. When I turn on my facet I get water. The tank will pull more water than the pump, thus the pump works less. If my power goes out I still have water. Hope these ideas help. Again, send me $100.00 thanking me. It is tax deductible. Herbert West 3rd, CEO, Marketing Matters HLW3RD, 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. west.herb@yahoo.com  http://marketingmattershlw3rddba.blogspot.com/2011/06/index-of-offerings-packages.html

Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Trayvon Martin was Murdered.

Was Trayvon's death just a accident or mis-step? No! It was premeditated. People will say I am crazy. But lets look at some facts that people are not seeing.
1. Norton Bonaparte. Former City Manager in Topeka Kansas. http://www.napawash.org/fellows/fellows-biographies/norton-n-bonaparte-jr/ Why is he mentioned? He was City manager when the only, "Stand Your Ground Case" went to trial in Kansas and the Defendant lost.
2. Trayvon has family members in Kansas who have Alcohol Dementia. One of them was shot by a Deputy in 2012, in Miami County Kansas. http://www.kansas.com/2011/12/23/2150973/officer-shoots-boy-in-miami-county.html Oh yea, they had just changed over to Glock 45's instead of 9MM Glock Handguns.
3. President Obama had visited Osawatomie the prior November. He also had denied access to Osawatomie residents to see him because Topeka residents had traveled in and bumped the Osawatomie residents out. Yea, Bonaparte's former City he Managed and Sebelius was Governor in. Yea, "Old Faye Sebelius".
4. George Zimmerman's real dad is George P Zimmerman of the Mens Wearhouse. He is Jewish and doesn't believe in God nor does the Zimmerman who shot Trayvon. George P Zimmerman supplies suits to the Secret Service and the FBI through Petiers Clothiers. The Secret Service is in KCMO at the Petier's Clothiers building.
5. Zimmerman is allowed bail, in hopes that someone will kill him. He knows who he spoke with, when he met them and followed what he was told to do. How? Covert work. He followed the news reports and followed what he was to do based on what he saw. Example of Covert works. Undercover cops give messages with out phone calls. When they are followed, they buy Coke instead of Pepsi. This gives them following them, messages. Baseball and Football teams do the same with hand gestures/signals. So do Military Personnel. Zimmerman can say who he met, where he met them. This is a matter of association. Obama stated, "If he had a son he would look like Trayvon". Coincidence? NO!!!
6. Yea, Trayvon was killed to play the "Race Card" in this election. All these race wars and bullshit to manipulate the elections.
7. Heart to Heart is allowed to embezzled funds. They collected big cash bucks for Joplin Missouri and then transferred those funds to the East Coast for the Hurricane. Joplin got screwed. Indonesia has never received their Tsunami Funds. Yet Hilary Clinton received her 1/3 with her Husband for collecting funds. Yea, Chelsea had a $3.8 Million Dollar Wedding while Indonesia people starve and die. The Katrina Victims have not received their funds yet. The American Vets are getting screwed. The United Way is stealing these "CASH" donations through the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs are just a money laundering front. They make money from the Tailgaters. They have stock and ownership in Grocery Stores and Grocery Warehouses.
8. All these factors are being manipulated by humans. They are lying to us, using and killing us. Kansas has gotten severely fucked up. They are stealing money, screwing our tax base etc:..
9. There are multiple Kansas and Florida connections. People put in place to manipulate everything they can. This needs exposed.
10. I was blocked the right to run for Office in Miami County Kansas. Judge Smith refused my Petition of Writ of Mandamus, demanding that my name be put on the Ballot in November, as it was "Criminally Removed" through a Dictatorship instead of a Democracy. The Kansas Lottery Secretary is laundering money through Miami County Kansas where he has businesses and investments. He launders money through Intercom/Cumulus with the United Way.
11. Yea, Trayvon was killed for being a "NIGGER". That really sucks!!
12. Sheriff Kelly covered for his Deputies who shot the 15 year old. The Deputies have been shot at before, jumped before and have been in dangerous situations before. They never returned fire yet alone shot anyone. A 15 year old Alcohol Dementia child gets capped? He is upset about Trayvon's death, reacts, his adoptive parents call for help and he is shot!!!! Damn!!!!
13. Read up on Miami County Kansas at http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/ and http://herbertwest3rdcandidateforsheriff2012.blogspot.com/

You might say I am crazy. You might feel I am wrong. The Topeka case was viewed and used to help Zimmerman walk. Not to get him off, but to get him killed by a vigilante to silence him. He can't be killed in custody. They want him killed by the streets. People keep looking at titles. Please look at motives and intentions. How much money has the United Way, Cumulus and Intercom laundered from these "CASH drives? 1/3!!!! 1/3 of One Million is $333,000.00 times 11 years is, $3,663,000.00 that the Soldiers did not get. How many millions have been collected over the 11 years? $660 million was donated and never received just for the 2004 Tsunami. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake_and_tsunami Shit!!!! 1/3 of $660 million is $220 Million. That is $440 Million missing, for one disaster! Katrina is still missing, $4 Billion Dollars in donations stuck in the United Way, United Methodist Church, Catholic Charities USA etc:.. 4,000 million lost to those Charities. And the Federal Government looks the other way. Am I wrong?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_response_to_Hurricane_Katrina Only 5% of the Donations have been given 95% of the funds are missing. Yea, $854 Million given and $40 Million actually given in relief to the victims.

All this and all the media bullshit to keep us at war and to keep the thieves funded so they can Demolish America. Fight back. Spread the word and demand accountability. I had attempted to stop this and other corruptions in Miami County by running for Sheriff. I also was denied access illegally by the County Clerk. See http://herbertwest3rdcandidateforsheriff2012.blogspot.com/ I also filed a Petition of Writ of Mandamus and the 6TH District Court Judge Smith denied it. I will refile in Federal Court as it is a Criminal Complaint for the County Clerk Dictating the Election and altering a Presidential Federal Election process. http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5414

**Update September 12TH 2012**

I faxed the US Attorney Barry Grissom in Wichita Kansas on September 11TH, 2012. The Federal District Court in KCK stated, "They did not receive the e-mailed PDF". They further stated, "I must pay a fee for the Federal Government to take a Criminal Complaint or to investigate Criminal Activities". That blows my mind. Your house gets robbed and you have to pay the Deputy to take a report. Holy Shit America!!!!!

Herbert West 3rd.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eliana Girard Pole Dance.

See it here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWKTE3I8TKo&feature=related

Not-For-Profit Raffle.

I had e-mailed KSHB 41 in Kansas City and have found that I am getting ripped off again. I will be able to scan the original e-mail and post it here tomorrow or Saturday. I will show the original idea for a Not-For-Profit raffle here.

Basically my idea for a Raffle is,

1. I list any and all Not-For-Profits that I wish to use.

2. People log onto my website and choose the Not-For-Profit they wish the Raffle Ticket Price to go to. That Not-For-Profit would receive that $5.00 minus a Service Fee.

3. I would contact businesses and get Gift Certificates for prizes.

4. When I draw the winner, they would go through the list of Gift Certificates and choose up to $500.00 worth of Gift Certificates. The rest would remain in the Prize Pool. The businesses would get advertising for giving Gift Certificates. They also can declare the Gift Certificates as an Advertising Tax Deduction on their Federal Income Tax.

5. I would receive a Service Charge on each Raffle Ticket sold. The price would be about $5.00 a Raffle Ticket. I would get $1.00 per Raffle Ticket as a Service Charge.

6. I will contract with Banks in the "Greater City Areas". Example, "Greater Kansas City Area", Greater Atlanta Georgia Area". The Phone Company Areas is what I basing these areas on. I want to use, First Option Bank in Miami County Kansas for the, "Greater Kansas City Area", Raffle.

7. I will give 49% or .49 cents of my $1.00 per raffle Ticket Collected to the designated Bank who facilitates the Raffle as contracted.

8. They would set up a website off of their Bank website. They would collect the $5.00 and conduct the monthly drawings. They would set up a Post Office Box and collect the cards from people who demand a free chance at the Raffle. These cards would be collected on every Friday for that designated month of Raffle. They would hand add these cards into the electronic Raffle. Be advised, this is not their primary function and they will not stop other bank functions to add these mailed cards to the electronic Raffle. They will transfer my $1.00 to me and retain their .49 cents. They will transfer the $4.00 to the designated Not-For-Profit as facilitated.

9. The winner will be announced and the winner, when choosing the Gift Certificates from the Prize Pool, will have to go to the businesses and receive the Gift Certificates or spend them at that business. These Gift Certificates are Non-Transferable. Any child who participates cannot receive any age regulated merchandise. Any winner cannot receive, Lottery Tickets. Double Coupons and Double Deals are at the discretion of the Business who provided the Prize for the Raffle.

10. As Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA, I will not declare or utilize any tax Deductions as a Business. Nor will I participate in any of the Raffles.

11. The contract with the Bank/Banks supercede any information here, "As The Case May Be As Found", as contracted.

12. Any Media who provides advertisment/announcment of this or these Raffles, may promote or push their Not-For-Profits, or any they choose who participates at their discretion. I, Herbert West 3rd, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA, acknowledge their rights to Amendment One.

13. I, Herbert West 3rd, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA, acknowledge the Bank/Banks have the same discretion and rights in number 12 above, stated here in.

14. This is a brief of what I am concepting. I will finalize with a Bank/Banks soon. The Bank/Banks Contract/Contracts will supercede any and all information stated here in. I am declaring, further more that this information is my original and can not be used without my permission.

15. I, Herbert West 3rd, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA, further acknowledge that any contracted Bank/Banks may, at their discretion deny any Business or Media from any and all participation at their discretion. In this any and all participation from any individual or group who wishes to aprticipate in the Raffle is subject to the same discretion by the Bank/Banks. I, Herbert West 3rd, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA, will not supercede this.

16. Be further advised, I, Herbert West 3rd, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA, will not set up a Not-For-Profit and will pay all my taxes and fees without Tax Deductions, as a For Profit Sole Proprietorship.

17. Again, the information here is subject to change and any and all Contracts will supercede any and all information here as Contracted and facilitated, "As The Case May Be As Found".

18. Any and all, City, County, State and Federal Laws will be honored, respected and followed in any and all, "Greater City Area Raffle Areas", 24/7/365, "As The Case May Be As Found".

19. My intentions are not to break the Law or rip anyone off. My intentions are to make money and help Not-For-Profits make money. Herbert West 3rd, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA.

No one has ever done this before. That makes it my original idea. No one has ever allowed people to choose their own prizes from the prize pool. No one has ever allowed people to pick their own Charity or Not-For-Profit to receive the Raffle Ticket price. Most Raffles benefit one Not-For-Profit, not multiple. I consider this my original idea and no one else can use it. I will be filing on KSHB 41 for a review of them trying to steal my original idea. Why, http://www.agendabe.org/ This all of a sudden pops up and is aired onto KSHB 41. I find that an attempt to steal my original idea. Mike Vrabac at KSHB 41 is the Station Manager. Again, I have the original e-mail and will scan it tomorrow and post it here. I will be contacting my Bank and setting up a Bank Account and get it finalized.

As http://www.agendabe.org/ stated on KSHB 41, "They are just getting started". They just rushed a very small insite into their, "SO CALLED" idea or concept. They rushed it to try to steal it from me.

Scan of letter to Mike Vrabac, KSHB 41 News. http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5358 This shows that this Raffle is my original idea.

First Option Bank said, "NO". I have contacted lifelock, http://www.lifelock.com/ on another idea in my company, http://otherthingstwo.blogspot.com/2011/12/green-dot-money-card-ideasuggestion.html . I will keep you updated. I will be contacting other banks on the Raffle. LifeLock stated, "they never received my e-mails". They are full of shit. I have the confirmations back from them. I contacted Wells Fargo bank online. I will keep you posted. So far Wells fargo has not responded back.

Herbert West 3rd, C.E.O.
Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA
A Sole Proprietorship
E.I.N. 45-1473168
21817 W. 351ST
Paola Kansas, 66071