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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Temporary Insurance???

Consider the norm that is currently going on. You allow the use of your Insured car for a person to use it for their driving test. You just allowed an, "Unlicensed Uninsured Driver", to use your car. How to fix this? Go to your insurance company and buy a Temporary Policy. Pay an average of $20.00 and get a Drivers Test extension on your current policy. They will put your insurance information on a "Drivers test Form". This will be good for one driving test, within a set amount of time. This will help cover you if an accident occurs during the driving test. If your insurance company doesn't offer this, talk them into working on getting a policy in place. Also consider looking into a, "Learners Permit", insurance policy. This would restrict, "Nighttime, Highway, and Rush Hour/Congested Traffic Driving". it would also help regulate who is the licensed driver in which vehicle with the permit holder operating the vehicle. Also this policy would be good for 30 days. These policies would be added onto your insurance, temporarily. Imagine if 100,000 people a year in the U.S.A. test each year. That would be $2,000,000.00 to the insurance companies to collect and use to settle claims on other insurance claims. That is also $2,000,000.00 in insurance policies written with hardly a claim filed. that would ease up the, "Risk Rate", on our premiums. It also regulates that the insurance company can mandate Drivers education Classes. It also restrict people like myself, from allowing my 12 foot bed 1 ton truck from being used for drivers tests. This program/concept saves us all money in the long run. I have spoken with my Insurance Company and will keep you updated. Thanks as always, Herbert West 3rd.

September 27TH, 2010.

I was notified by American Family Insurance. They are looking into this concept and have sent me a letter and spoke with me on the phone. I will keep you updated with that communication. Unfortunately , "STATE FARM INSURANCE" has refused to communicate or follow up with me. Consider this, 40 million people are insured through State Farm Insurance. If 2 people use these insured drivers for their drivers test, that would be "ONE BILLION 600 MILLION DOLLARS". $10.00 times 40 million is 400 million. That times 2 for $20.00 is 800 million times 2 drivers is "ONE BILLION 600 MILLION DOLLARS". All I asked for was $50,000.00 dollars and they have blew me off. $1,600 million every 16 years is $100 million a year. It takes 16 years to get to 16 to do a drivers test. If these 40 million drivers have 2 kids that is the "ONE BILLION 600 MILLION DOLLARS". "State Farm" excepted bail out money. I have given them a way to pay that back and to make money so you don't have to loose more Federal Tax resources. I am disappointed with "STATE FARM INSURANCE" thus far. I commend "AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE". At least they are acknowledging me and communicating with me.

**October 11TH, 2010**

Get this. "American Family Insurance", doesn't pay for ideas!! They just steal them!! I find it disturbing that insurance companies or any other company being allowed to steal ideas. I plan on communicating with other sources to set up this, "Drivers Test Insurance" idea. Insurance companies cannot just steal the idea. State Farm collects, $200.00 per policy, average, from 40 million drivers every 6 months. Yea $200.00 times 40 million is $4 billion every 6 months. That is 8 billion a year. 8,000 million a year. All from stealing ideas from other people??? I will keep in touch.

**October 20TH, 2010.**

Lets consider the following. If the Fire Departments and police departments as well as the Sheriff's Office's of every jurisdiction in the United States set up a Bond, they could offer this Insurance at the time of testing in every Drivers test sight in the United States. As the $20.00 is collected, from every Drivers test participant, the Bond would pay for itself. If each named Office/Department was to contribute $100.00 each and there are an average of 100 Office's/Department's per State times 50- States which is 5,000 Office's/Department's, then they would be putting up, $500,000 in a Bond for Drivers test Insurance. Again, there is not a problem with accidents during the test. It is just that the the Driver testing, is not insured and that is illegal. If 1,000,000,00 people test a year in America, that would generate, $20,000,000.00 into the Fire department's, Police department's and Sheriff's Office's a year!!! If they pay me one penny on every tester, I would receive, $10,000.00 a year. If the paid me 5 cents a tester, I would receive $50,000.00 a year. They would retain, $19,950,000.00 a year. They have the personnel and families to back this up and get it up and running. So far the national Association of Insurance Commissioners and the Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger have refused to communicate with me. I am one guy is why. I will be forwarding this article to all the Police Departments, Sheriff's Office's and Fire Departments, I can reach. They can forward this to each other. They have the clout to get this going. I will stay in touch.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. Yea, I am still homeless and "STATE FARM INSURANCE", as well as "All State, American Family and Geico" doesn't care!!!!

See here, http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_licensed_drivers_are_there_in_the_US

Temporary Insurance (C) Herbert West III


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