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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks to those who saved my life.

On October 2ND, 2010, I was crushed under my tilt bed on my truck. My bed on my truck tilts like a dump truck. I have tilted it up for 2 years and it has never dropped on its own. It is activated by two separate buttons. One button, raises the bed and the second button, lowers the bed back down. I raised the bed, got fuel and say that a strap had come loose on the tarp covering my things on the truck bed. I stepped up under the raised bed and was repairing strap when the bed gave way and fell straight down onto me. The bed weights about 1,500 pounds and had about 1,000 pounds of weight on it when it fell. All that was not crushed was my right arm and my head. I remember an off duty Osawatomie Fire Fighter running up to me and asking me were the buttons were. I remember telling him in the cab and the next thing I remember is I woke up and he was holding my head and I had severe pain in my entire body. My left leg foot was shoved all the way up beside me and my left knee was pointed straight down. I was sitting on my right leg and my foot was pointing out from my crotch. My left hand had been hyper extended at the wrist. I was not breathing for about 10 minutes. I felt my chest collapse and I thought I had broke my ribs and my sternum. I remember the Fire Department showing up and they had a difficult time getting me out from under the bed. They had to brace the bed so it would not fall again. The Fire Fighter, by training for safety, had told the others to pull back if the bed started to drop again. I got lucky and they had brought some pipe from the muffler shop across the street to brace the bed up. I remember that they had called a Helicopter for me and that they finally was able to get me into the Ambulance on a stretcher and a back board. hey thought I broke both legs, my left arm, my ribs, my sternum and that I broke my back. I remember that I asked them to pull out my wallet and pay for the $30.00 in gas I had just pumped and they did this through the Paola Police Department. The Officer returned my money and told me a lady inside paid for my gas and then they gave me a receipt for the gas. This ladies name is Cindy. I remember telling the Paramedic, Justin Brewer, to give the Muffler mart my keys to the truck because they had offered to park it for free at their garage across the street. He refused, six times. The truck ended up being towed and I had to pay $130.00 to get it back. I find it odd that the tow company is Lonni Brewer and the Paramedic was Justin Brewer. I don't feel that anyone should have illegally profited from my accident. I am very grateful for everyone who saved my life and took care of me above and beyond the normal way people care for each other. People don't here thank you enough in life. I had to stay in the Trauma Unit at the Overland park Regional Medical Center for a week and ended up in the Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital in Gardner Kansas to be Rehabilitated so I could walk again and be evaluated for any other deficits. So far I regained being able to walk and I am getting my balance back. I can barely feel my body right now. They have found an active internal bleed and are doing tests to see where I am bleeding. I have some occult blood in my stool. Every day I go to Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy. I go to Therapy Groups for the feelings I have about the trauma. All said and done, I am lucky to be alive. I did not break anything, I can still walk, I cannot feel my body, but this is improving. I have been pretty well upgraded by Speech and Occupational Therapy. I still see them daily, and they are impressed with my improvements.

I want to thank the Muffler Mart in Paola Kansas for the use of their exhaust pipes to stabilize the bed, and the offer to store my truck for free. They also helped hold up the bed while the Fire Fighter held my head, for neck injuries and restored my breathing. I want to thank the Off Duty Volunteer Osawatomie Fire Fighter for getting the bed off of me and restoring my breathing. I want to thank Cindy for paying for my gas. I want to thank Amber the Casey's employee, at Casey's in Paola Kansas, where this happened for looking out for me and helping me instead of continuing the stores operations. She safely stopped the store operations and helped concentrate on my safety and rescue. I want to thank all those bystanders who came over and the passer-byers who stopped to save me. I want to thank the Helicopter Crew for coming to fly me even though the Flight Crew re-triage me and I went by ground Ambulance. I want to thank the Ambulance Crew, the Paola Police Officer, the Paola Fire Department, the Overland Park Regional Center Trauma Team and the Trauma Unit Staff, and I want to thank the Meadowbrook Staff here at the Meadowbrook Hospital in Gardner Kansas. I am grateful to Justin for his Paramedic care I received, I am just upset that he found my wallet, but refused to give up my keys, upon request, from the same pocket and it cost me $130.00.

I am further upset with KCTV5 and the Miami County republic Newspaper. I called KCTV5 , WIBW13, KMBC9 and asked them to thank those who saved my life. I explained to them what happened and they refused to thank those people who saved me. I had called them that Saturday Evening. I e-mailed the Miami County Republic Newspaper and they refused to thank anyone for what they did for me. I find it disturbing that the media would deny the praise and the thanks that the people who saved my life deserve. I will thank them when I get out. I will tell the others in Miami County what happened and ask them to boycott KCTV5, KMBC9, WIBW13 and the Miami County Republic for their disrespect towards those I have thanked here in this article.

Again, thanks to all those who saved my life and those who continue to help me improve on a daily basis. God Bless,

**Update Nov 23RD, 2010**

I have been corrected that there was not a Justin Brewer in the Ambulance. There was a Justin Couture, and a student. I am not sure which one handed the Officer my wallet and refused my keys after being told 6 times to give my keys to the Officer. It looks like I will just have to eat the $130.00 for the mistake and go from there. I do have a predisposition against Miami County EMS and I have addressed those concerns with the County Administration and with Governor Elect U.S. Senator Sam Brownback. The Governor Elect is at transition.team@ks.gov and/or Sharon.Meissner@ks.gov Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com

**Update** **March 26TH, 2011**

Lets look at the above post. I feel a few things need clarified.

I was crushed by 2,500 lbs and I thought I had two broken legs, a broken arm and a broken back. I also was unresponsive and listed as have, "Multiple Trauma's". Everyone at the scene thought I would die. The Hospital thought I would die in route. They was surprised I arrived alive. I was lied to at the scene. The EMS refused to give my keys to Muffler Mart as stated above. I was told that the EMS worker was a Brewer. His shirt had the name, "Brewer", on it. The E.R. Doctor's name was, "Brewer". I wrote the original article, above, from a wheel chair while still in a Physical Rehabilitation Hospital, looking at being in a Nursing Home, forever. I wrote it as I was looking at never walking again. I was looking at loosing all my property and my truck. I was just illegally evicted by the Sheriff and had just regained some of my property. Yea, I was going through living hell. I found out that I was lied to and I posted that I was lied to. I apologized to Lonny Brewer. I told people I was lied to. Yea, Lonny is pissed off right now. I acknowledge he has the right to be pissed. I am not deleting anything from here. How can I apologize and not say what I am sorry for? Lonny is not mad at the EMS, the Miami County Sheriff's Office or Paola PD. He is mad at me because I believed their Lie's. I am very hurt and pissed that anyone would believe their lies and they would and are judging me based on these lies. I am seeing that I am loosing a friend. Lonny expects me to understand that he is allowed to judge my based on their lies, yet I am not supposed to be upset when he believes their lies. Again, I was lied to and these same people are continuing to lie to him. He is still upset with me because I stated what I was told by the same liars. When I found out that they lied, I corrected or updated this article. I don't believe in erasing anything. I do believe in clarifying. I post articles and stories here because people need to see what is going on. For updates/information on the circumstances before, during and after these events, see,






For the record, Lonny is a nice guy. I am just confused about what he wants. I was lied to, I posted what I felt at the time. I corrected the situation the best I could. I refuse to allow others to lie about me, and to lie about situations and just let it slide. People have the right to know the whole story. They lied about the situation and I loose a friend. I am not blaming Lonny, I am mad at the situation. I am being judged based on their, opinions, not on who, "I", am. I have been told, "I should stop posting opinions about problems, circumstances and situations. I find that odd. I see to many problems etc:.. that are unresolved because people don't take the time to confront, "BULLIES"! I can only correct and clarify when I am wrong. I have done that. I hope Lonny sees that. We were not close friends. Now, we are not friends. He has told me this. I am not going to harp on this any further, I am just loosing a friend. He is allowing the liars to win. He is pushing away, who they told him I am instead of who "I" am. He seems to agree with these liars, for now. I even went to him and showed him a copy of the EMS report when I received a copy and told him I was wrong. I did that in person at the garage. I told him, "I was wrong and I was lied to and I was sorry". He said, "OK". Then today, he states, "He did not know I ever posted this article". I believe him. I am not deleting the article, I am just clarifying who lied, what happened and I hope he understands someday. Again, Lonny is a nice guy, the situation just sucks! I still feel he is a, "Very Good Mechanic", and I still recommend his garage, and the services he provides. I have never stated otherwise. I am not allowing the lies from others to change what or who he is. What do I have to gain, either way? Nothing! What do I have to loose? What ever level of friendship or communication we had. I will let that go at that. Hopefully he is upset with me based on who I am, not the upset with me based on the lies they spread about the situation.

Herbert West 3rd,


  1. First of all you sick bastard you were never a Paramedic. If we are going to tell the truth it needs to start with you. Why don't you tell everyone why you are disabled. Keep you head out of gas cam might be a good start.

    A truck can drop on your head and nothing happens. How is that for luck. You have no idea what a sick son of a bitch you are and the next time you get the notion to sniff gas I will furnish you a match. If you want to know where your problems started look at your sick father, he is the bastard. Get some help asshole!

  2. Yes I was a Paramedic. I never worked as one, but I did graduate. I have Factor V Lieden. It is a Herditary Blood Disorder and it has Liver complications. I have the opposite of Hemaphilia. I have Parahemaphilia. So, why are you a coward and you cannot state your name????

  3. You just need to shut the fuck up and go away. You are a waste of good air. As stupid as you are how dare you even attempt to put your self in the shoes of a Paramedic or even a human. What you need is lock jaw to shut you up, you sick fuck!

  4. I have witnessed piss poor Paramedic's in Miami County. I have also witnessed some good ones. I still find cowards, like you, amusing. You hide behind the anonymous status and shoot your mouth off. You cannot not back your opinions, so you coward behind the anonymous status. Go figure!!!

  5. I have to say I agree with your other anonymous poster. You need to find the right meds to get on and stay on and find something else to occupy your time than running down every human interaction you have ever had. I understand that you are a lonely frustrated old man, but find an outlet that will let you feel okay about yourself without bothering normal people. Try watercolors. Or fingerpainting.

  6. I have found that telling people like you to go and fuck yourself relieves more stress than any other outlet thus far.

  7. I would like to respond to you Herbert. You seem to have a lot of good points, and you obviously put a lot of time and effort into what you do. I have enjoyed reading a lot of what you have posted. You are very informative. I would like to suggest to you looking into the voice recording laws in Kansas. I walk around 24/7 with one. Wal-mart has one for $60, it works great. When someone "lies"... you would have proof of it. Opinions and hearsay are just that, but their actually recorded words are undisputable "proof". As long as "one" person in the conversation knows it is being recorded and you having it you would know, it is legal. Good luck with all that you do, you seem to care.


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