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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had to have two vehicles removed from my old address. I had the 1994 Mercury Sable Station Wagon and the 1979 Dodge U-Haul with a 360 Hemi. I had made arrangements with Dan Macek, of Macek's Auto Body, in Osawatomie Kansas because he said, "He would haul them his self". He ended up using his family member and paid them more for towing the two vehicles, than I received for the vehicles. I could have done that myself. I hope people realize how he doe's business. He Lie's to them and says, "He is hauling the vehicles his self", and then hires out the work to his family. He is paying his family for your vehicles. I find that extremely wrong. The going rate is $200.00 to $300.00 per vehicle with title's. I received $125.00 total for both and had to wait a week and a half to get paid. Please be careful when you deal with him or any other individuals that say they tow off cars for money. Make sure you get an amount quote up front. This ended up becoming a civil matter and it is more expensive to file on him than the amount of recovery I would get. That is how he is stealing cars and money from consumers. He feels if he is giving stolen money to the Sheriff for the Cops for Tots program and to the Osawatomie Police Department, he is allowed. He is not. I see that as bribes. I don't feel it is fair to abuse programs like the Miami County Kansas Sheriff's Office, "Cops for Tots Program", and the, "Osawatomie Police Department Programs", just to launder stolen money. If you want to give to those programs do it directly. If you want to get paid for your cars, shop elsewhere.

**Update*8 November 29TH, 2010**

I am not against helping people. I am against people using good people's names and abusing their memory. For instance, Sheriff Ken Davis seemed like an upstanding Sheriff. I find it very rude and disturbing that the current Sheriff, would allow the laundering of stolen money as a bribe into the, "Cops for Tot's", program. I don't feel that Sheriff Ken Davis would have allowed people to launder stolen money through any charity within the Sheriff's Office. I am wondering why the family of Sheriff Ken Davis has not filed, "Defamation of Character", complaints against these thieves. I don't feel that the abuse of a good name should be allowed. Just a further thought.

**Update** December 1ST, 2010**

Lets look a little deeper into Macek and others. I find it very disturbing that the U.S.A.A. would do these new commercials comparing themselves to our soldiers or our troops. I also find it odd that all the Dealerships that were shut down during the take over by Obama, did not attach themselves to Salvage Yards. Example, New Century Dodge in Paola Kansas, used Macek and 7 Highway Auto Salvage to dispose of the "Cash For Clunkers", cars. Macek was allowed to launder parts and was allowed to illegally dispose of these cars and parts. A lot of the Dealerships Nationally got shut down so the other Dealerships could launder parts. I find this a form of Terrorism. That would fall under the C.I.A.'s jurisdiction. Awhile back, Under Sheriff Mark Schmidt, of the Miami County Kansas Sheriff's Office, called the C.I.A. and asked into my life. They told him then, "He did not have the jurisdiction to intervene or question anything that may or may not pertain to them and myself". He has since, in action of course, treated them as his "BITCH". He refuses to stay out of my life. He terrorises Paola and Miami County. He helps launder stolen money through the Sheriff Office. I was illegally evicted from my residence. I was threatened by Detective Burgrant and Under "Schmuck" Schmidt. I was denied a District Court hearing. Macek was allowed to steal my cars. I am getting real tired of terrorist being allowed to kill our troops and soldiers. I am tired of terrorist being allowed to thrive in America. I am tired of the games in Miami County Kansas and the State of Kansas as well as Obama and his crap. I am not threatening his stupid ass, I am expressing my opinion about his stupid ass. Ask the Phelps, Obama supports them and denounces the soldiers and the troops that Phelps and Obama loathes. Please ask the C.I.A. when they became Mark Schmidt's "BITCH"!!! Also read up on this at, I am the Legal Sheriff of Miami County Kansas .

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.


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  2. To tell assholes like yourself to FUCK OFF!!!!!


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