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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Miami County Kansas Republican Voters Society

I contacted the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission and I asked about forming, "The Republican People's P.A.C., and I found out that the way I wanted to structure it was not allowed. I then sent them the concept of, "The Miami County Kansas Republican Voters Society". I will explain what that is here.

I have witnessed where there is a shortfall in Political and Issue assistance in the Government today. I don't feel the parties have the best interest of the people in their radar all the time. This Society will require a couple of things.

1. You must be a Registered Republican Voter who resides in Miami County Kansas. This will be verified through the County Clerk's Office. This must remain current within their rules. This information will be held confidential, and not openly communicated within the General Society and/or it's Members.

2. You must present a Kansas State Drivers License or a Kansas State Photo ID. to apply for Society Membership. Law Enforcement and other "Dignitaries" in the County, {Judges, District Attorney, County Treasurer, County Clerk, etc:..}, will list their address as the Court House, Sheriff's Office, Police Station, County Administration etc:.. and an approved designate, will verify residency and voter status for them.

3. No Elected Party Chair Person, Precinct Member, Committee Person, Elected Official, {Sheriff, County Attorney, County Clerk, Mayor, City Council, etc:..} or Candidate for those Office's, can be a Member Society, Treasurer, Board Member, or any other represent position for the Society.

4. The main objectives of the Society are Communication and action when the majority is in agreement. Example, a Re-Call Petition is formed, and then it is presented to the Members for review. Then there will be a day set aside and the Members can come in and state, if they "Will or Will Not" sign the petition later. These votes are tali ed and the "Stats" are posted. Then the members can see these "Stats" to decide if they do or do not what to become one of the three required "Electors" on the Petition for submission to the County Clerk per Kansas Law. i have been told by some Registered Voters in Miami County, they don't want to be singled out as an elector if the Petition is denied. They feel the elected person, who I was attempting to Recall, would retaliate against them. This Society process, shows the measure of support they would have if they choose to become an elector.

5. The Society would also follow the Legislative Session and would watch dog their Representative and Senator.

6. The Society can also work towards placing measures on the ballot for elections.

7. The Society can also do Petitions to override "Home Rule" jurisdiction matters.

8. Do to the Society becoming a, "Not For Profit", under, "Humanities", they can also function under non-political functions. they can fund raise, and they can assist any and all groups, and people they choose.

9. Membership basis would also be reviewed under, prior other Party Registrations, recent Registration's, recent residence status, and any other potential conflicts. A grace period will be set for Membership levels, Board, Treasurer eligibility's etc:.. Example 90 days since any potential conflicts of interest as Stated or Member Acknowledged, to include votes, and discretion's as the case may be as found.

I further acknowledge that the other Party Registration Voters, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, etc:.., can form their own Society. I further acknowledge that any other County's Voters can do the same. I also respect that I can only apply for membership as a Registered Republican Voter in Miami County Kansas, as I am a Candidate for Sheriff, 2012, here. I have a lot more of information and a lot more of the structure already planned and ready to roll. I feel that I have stated enough for the interested people to communicate with each other and to look into this Society structure.

**Update** November 24TH, 2010**

I wanted to share that I am considering changing the Society to, "The Miami County Kansas Voter Society". That would remove party line barriers. I will keep in touch on this and I will be setting up some things after the first of December.

Thanks for allowing me to share. Again, this website is my personal website and it can be used for personal use. The Sheriff Campaign, and former Kansas Governor candidate use is/was an, "In Kind" Contribution use, as stated.

Herbert West 3rd, west.herb@yahoo.com

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