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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recall Petitions?????

Yes. I feel that there are some Recall Petitions that need to be filed. Lets look at what a, "Recall Petition", is in Kansas. Lets also look at who in Miami County Kansas needs Recalled.

1. Sheriff Frank Kelly.

2. County Clerk Janet White.

3. County Commissioner Roberts.

4. County Commissioner Pretz.

5. County Attorney David Miller.

They keep evicting people without District Court hearings. Janet refuses to acknowledge people as candidates. She told me, August 13TH, 2010, "Go ahead and shut down your Campaign, you was not a Candidate anyways". This is the day I was illegally evicted from, 803 S. East Street, Paola Kansas 66071. I had called The Miami County Clerk, Janet White at 4:00 PM, when she made that statement. That statement was an attempt to support Sheriff Kelly and an attempt to sabotage my Campaign for Sheriff. This is illegal. My financial report is due Jan 12TH, 2011 for the 2012 election cycle. It covers Jan 2010 through Dec 31ST, 2010. David Miller allowed Psych Meds to be given to my landlord to fake Dementia to keep him out of Court. He further helped him cover up 24 years of Tax Evasion. The County Commissioners keep allowing Illegal Evictions and they refuse to look into complaints as people file them. I have filed repeated complaints against the EMS. The other Commissioners are not allowed to be recalled until 120 days after Jan 10Th, 2011. I will be writing out Recall Petitions soon. I will keep everyone updated. You can read up on a lot of these details, "here".

Also read, K.S.A. 25-4307. I was told that the County Counselor will read and address the Re-Call Petition. The County Counselor is not the County/District Attorney. If the District Judge has to Recluse themselves, the County Counselor cannot review the Re-Call Petition. Read, K.S.A. 22a-107.

Lets also remember and re-read, "I see bigots please advise", and "I need to clarify an e-mail I sent to the Media".

Lets also look at K.S.A. 25-4169a , as stated above, Miami County Clerk Janet White stayed over until after 4:00 PM on August 13TH, 2010 when I called her and she made the above statement. She knew I was being evicted illegally. She knew the City was over stepping its bounds and she knew Sheriff Kelly was covering up his knowledge that Al Massoth has not had a business license for 24 years and has been laundering money without paying taxes on it through the Holy Trinity Church and the Knights of Columbus. Lets also see K.S.A. 25-4183 and K.S.A. 25-4182. I will be asking the Kansas Ethics Commission to activate the K.B.I. and will be asking them to look into Janet's real estate company here and her be allowed to use this and her position as County Clerk to manipulate the election process. I will be giving a large amount of details. The Law has been broken and I feel that there is enough evidence to activate a, "Rico Acts Review" . I have witnessed "Extortion, Racketeering, and Terrorism" here in Miami County. Read up on these K.S.A.'s, 21-4401 22-2515 and 22-3101. I have notified the Attorney General, the Sheriff, and the Governors Office of many illegal activities listed in K.S.A. 22-3101. I demand a review. I will be filing a formal complaint next week and I will be asking that the K.B.I. and the F.B.I. be activated to stop the corruption here in the County. So far these elect positions have been, "Dictated" and I feel a review is warranted. I will be e-mailing Ethics this article and I will contact them next week also.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.


  1. If you were ever elected (which you'll never be!) I would immediately enact a recall petition on you. I would use WeN2K.com as my communication medium!

  2. I would need to have broken the Law and you have to wait 180 days per Kansas Law.


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