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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

$ One Million Dollar Stimulus????

Imagine receiving $ One Million Dollars in a Stimulus Check. How??? If American Citizens would be allowed to pay a $10.00, "Federal Raffle Fee", that would generate a lot of money into the Federal General Fund. If 100,000 people pay the $10.00, "Raffle Ticket Fee". That would bring in $1,000,000.00 into the Federal General Fund. If 25,000,000 people do this, that would generate $250,000,000.00 into the Federal General Fund. They could give away, "ONE", $ One Million Dollar Stimulus Check", a year as a, "Raffle Prize". There are 308 Million People who live in America, per the 2010 Census. Click here . If 10% participate, that would be 30.8 million people paying $10.00 each. That is $308 Million a Year into the Federal General Fund. These "Raffle Fees" could be collected at each County's Treasurers Offices in each of the 50 States. They could also be collected at any I.R.S. Office. I would pay $10.00 to get a chance at $ One Million as a, "Stimulus Check". If you would, contact your Federal Senator's, and Representative's. It cannot hurt to contact your State Representative and/or Senator also. I don't see why $1.00 of the $10.00 collected cannot go to the State where we participate, by residence. Kansas has 2.8 million residents. Read here. If 10%, 280,000.00 play, that would be $280,000.00 into the Kansas General Fund, at $1.00 each. I feel that giving me a $ One Million Dollar Stimulus Check, as a thank you for the Concept is no more that fair. If the Government collects the $308 Million at 10 % participation, that would more than pay back the $ One Million Dollar Stimulus I would receive. Let them know what you think. Heck they, "Ear Mark", everything else!!!!

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. {I would receive this $ One Million as a Private Individual, not a Candidate". Lets see what they say.


  1. The government already does this, johnny-come-lately, it's called the lottery.

  2. Currently it is not a stimulus. It is a Lottery. Not all States participate in the lottery either.


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