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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nathan Stiles?

I feel there may be more to the Nathan Stiles story. See:





I have complained about Miami County EMS for years. See:.





They come and go as they please. They use the ambulances as personal vehicles. Well lets stay on track. Nathan lives in Spring Hill Kansas and it is safe to guess he lives on the Johnson County side. Spring Hill is a two county city. The southern half is in Miami County and the Northern half is in Johnson County. Well, if Nathan's dad is Ron Stiles there is a problem. Ron Stiles is a Miami County Commissioner and must live in Miami County to run for office and be a Miami County Commissioner. They cannot do both. His son would be in the Paola School District in Miami County, not Johnson County, for Spring Hill High School eligibility. I am not trying to cause trouble during this families grief, I only see some problems here.

1. School eligibility.

2. Commission Seat eligibility.

3. If Commissioner Stiles is Nathans dad, and used his influence to get a Doctor to sign his son off earlier than he was medically ready for, how many other kids has this Doctor signed for? How many kids could be playing injured and are in danger? Is this Doctor a Spring Hill School Doctor or a private practice Doctor? How many School Districts might be affected? How many kids might be in danger?

KCTV5 could care less. They ripped me a new ass when I tried to explain this to them. "They was concerned with the Nov 2ND 2010 election and the family's grieving process, period"!! Look at this election link list They miss spelled his name as Stiles. KCTV5 wants him re-elected even if he is not eligible. I also called KMBC9. They took the information and said they would consider looking into the story. I am a Candidate for Sheriff in Miami County Kansas. I am posting my concern for the safety of the kids, and a possible problem with the status of Commissioner Stiles. We would not have known there was a possible problem with the School eligibility or Commissioner Stiles eligibility until this tragedy happened. Please understand my motives. Kids safety, School District eligibility rules, and Commissioner eligibility. I hope I am wrong, all the way around. It needs investigated to set the record straight and maintain safety and clarify possible eligibility's breeches.

**Update** December 8TH, 2010**

I don't always like being right. I said from day one, "Nathan had an active bleed and should not have been playing". Now, after his death, it has been confirmed, "Stiles' autopsy report released" . Or visit the Miami County Republic and search the title, "Stiles' autopsy report released". NBC Action News has not buried the story, like the Miami County Republic or KCTV5. Read it here, "NBC Action News". KCTV5 refused to disclose any information when it happened, "So Stiles' could get re-elected, per KCTV5's News Desk!!! I still feel KCTV5 endangered other kids and needs to be held accountable. I hope that this tragedy is investigated and that it is used to stop whatever other factors contributed to Nathans death!!!!! Medically, he died form a Brain Bleed. I said from day one, "He was not ready to play". Those factors need reviewed also. Lets also ask, "Why was a follow up MRI not ordered"? That is the usual procedure after a CT to confirm the CT results. CT Scans cannot see bleeds as well. MRI's are used for Bleeds and Abnormal Soft Tissues Structures. Bleeds are from Soft Tissue Injuries. CT's are used for Clots, Tumors and Solid Abnormal Masses. Read here, CT vs MRI I took extensive training when I became a Paramedic. I worked in a ICU for about 2 years. I worked in an ER, part time, for about a year. I am seeing where some factors accumulated and led to Nathans Death. Please understand that I am concerned for other kids who might also be playing injured.

Thanks, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-am-the-legal-sheriff-of-miami-county.html


  1. Herbert, SHUT THE FUCK UP. The Stiles family lives on the Miami County side of Spring Hill. They don't even live in the city limits.

    Secondly, they still live in the school district. Check your facts and look at a map you stupid, ignorant dumb fuck.

    Thirdly, no "influence" was made to make Nate eligable to play. Don't you think that if their doctor or Ron and Connie knew for one second that him playing would have caused him harm they wouldn't of allowed him to play.

    Quit making this about you. Do the world a favor and shut the hell up before one of these days someone gives you some "street justice" for opening your big, fat mouth. So call the FBI, KBI, Sheriff's department, whatever. This is not a threat but one of these days, you are going to piss the wrong person off and they are going to take it upon themselves to beat the shit out of you.

    Piss off-I know you aren't man enough to post this so everyone can see.

  2. I am surprised that you also acknowledge that they live in Miami County. Sprin Hill is in Johnson County. He should have been a Paola Student. I am not afraid of getting the SHIT BEAT out of me. I can cause more damage to any dumbass than any mild damage they feel I should receive. Yea, I called the KBI and I e-mailed the Johnson County District Attorney. I also contacted KUMC and I contacted Kris Kobach. He is the new Secretary of State, right!!!!

  3. You are right. Spring Hill is a 2 county city. That does not mean that Nathan would have had to go to Paola. The middle school in Spring Hill is in Miami county. The school district line, for Spring Hill, is south of 223rd st, I believe. Please check facts before trying to defame someone trying to make a difference for God.

  4. God has not boundaries except for man's denial. I am not questioning his faith, I am questioning his address and the elligibility to attend a Johnson County School. His dad is elligible to run for a Miami County Office do to his address, even if he lives in Spring Hill. His address is a Miami County address. His son would have to attend the Paola Kansas School's. I will post the Johnson County D.A.'s responce when I receive one. Thanks for sharing, Herbert West 3rd.

  5. The school district and the county lines are not co-located! The school district of Spring Hill extends into Miami Co approximately 3 miles at it's southern most point. Just because people live in Miami Co they don't have to go to Paola. The Spring Hill Middle school is in Miami Co. Should that be part ot the Paola school district also. And the families that live in Spring Hill, in Miami Co, have to send their kids 9 miles south to Paola, when they can walk the 1/4 block to the middle school? Lose with grace. Be a man of character!

  6. Again, when the Johnson County District Attorney, and the Kansas Department of education's Legal Department clarify or state the zone, I will post their responce and answer to it then.

  7. Hey Herbert...........look at these.


    The line between the white and green is the county line. Spring Hill is in BOTH counties.

    Also look at this......


    That is the school district map of who can go to Spring Hill schools within that district.

    Wrong again Herbie!!!

  8. Again, the District Attorney and the Kansas Department of Education can clarify.

  9. You said and i quote

    November 12, 2010 9:16 AM
    Herbert L West 3rd said...

    Yes I was a Paramedic. I never worked as one, but I did graduate.

    So how did you work in an ICU and ER? You lying fat fuck. How would you know doctoral medical procedures 100% if you are not a doctor. Plus you don't know Nathans complete medical history so you don't know why an MRI was not ordered. He could have had a metallic object somewhere in his body to prevent this or the doctor felt it was not medically necessary due to the results of previous tests and findings. You are not a god damn doctor and could never amount to one; you bisexual, pedophile, dumb fuck. Your involvement in this is ZILCH except an attempt for you to try to get attention. I can't wait till you really piss off the wrong person and someone takes drastic actions to take care of your mouth. Your getting pretty damn close!

  10. Drastic actions would lead to extreme Justification to remove body parts in "Self Defense". You cackle like a spoiled little bitch. You coward like a limp little dick. You communicate as a illiterate piss ant. If your so dedictated to your beliefs and are so self rightious in your opinions, come on out. You only have your ass to loose. Yea, your ass is from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. If you forgot, visit my Candidate for Governor website. It shows some of the the Martial Arts I studied. I also just finished up, "Pa Chi", the Shadow Drills of Kenpo Kung Fu. Lets communicate, you seem real confident in your stupidity. Yea check out,

  11. Anonymous will be victorious! Once your IP Address is traced we will send a STANKIB00TIE attack to both your ports and then fill them with SLEIME and recover our victory!!!!!!!!! I know what you did in Septembra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am not the HLW3rd as posted in the last comment.


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