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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where are we now??

Lets look at the 2008 election for Sheriff to present day. Sheriff Kelly has yet to accomplish, "Jack". He still steals credit for all the work the Sheriff's Office does and he has not personally accomplished, "Jack". Lets reflect on the questions that the Miami County Republic asked us in 2008, "Click Here". I have shown where Kelly and others have broken the Law. Lets look at some new information. I complained about the "Roots Festival" in Paola Kansas. I find that it is "Discriminatory" to only allow one family in all of Miami County the use of the square for a family reunion. I find it is, "Illegal" to posses or use "Grain Alcohol", in public, on the square. I filed complaints with the States B.A.C. office. That is the, "Bureau Of Alcohol Control". They refused to intervene. I was illegally evicted by the City from the County on August 13TH, 2010. When I was stressed and needed to stabilize my Insurance and my Meds, I, "Voluntarily", entered the Osawatomie State Hospital for 5 days to stabilize my life. Pamela Butler, a Nurse there and the Miami County Republican Chairwoman, released my State Medical files, "Illegally", to the Miami County Republic. Pamela Butlers husband, Bill Butler, 1-913-755-2411, is with the, "Silver-Haired Legislature", in Miami County Kansas. I have also found that Sandy Nelson is dating Sheriff Kelly. No biggy. They are both idiots. The kicker?? Sandy is the Publisher of the Miami County Republic. She doesn't have to pay for the information for the paper, on arrests, and any other Sheriff Office activity. yet the Paper charges the County to post, Sheriff's sales, and District Court notices. Yea, Sandy Nelson is a, "Prostitute". She gets information that costs you and me $3.00 each piece, for "free" because she is dating Sheriff Kelly. I don't feel it is fair that Sheriff Kelly is allowed to break the Law. I don't find it fair that the paper is allowed to steal tax money. I find it odd, and illegal that Gary Patillo and his family are allowed to break the Law. I find it very disturbing that Governor Brownback refuses to intervene and stop the, "Illegal Activity" in Miami County Kansas. So far Illegal Gambling, Alcohol Consumption, Illegal Evictions, Extortion's and Racketeering are the common place here. I ask everyone to consider, Boycotting" the "Roots Festival". It is, "ILLEGAL"!! I further ask that people consider signing the, "Writ of Mandamus", I will be preparing that will be served to Judicial Administration in Topeka Kansas for their signature. If the Majority of the Registered Voters sign the, "Writ", then we as the Majority can demand that the, "Illegal Activity", stops!! Also read up on this at http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com and at http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com

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