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Friday, June 10, 2011

U.S.D. or P.T.A. Fundraiser and The P.T.A. Community College Concept/Package.

**Update 3/18/2013**

Read the eligibilty's

http://studentaid.ed.gov/eligibility/infographic-accessible http://pellgranteligibility.net/ These kids are getting ripped off and the Pell Grant program is being ripped off. This a form of Identity Theft, Servitude, Larceny, Grand Larceny.

**July 19TH, 2012**

OOOPS!!!! The Kansas Legislature committed "Copyright Infringements" against my company and stole Federal Funds. How? They are setting up getting Pell Grants at $1,800 each. taking $800.00 from each and only giving $1,000 to the school district per student who does or takes the college courses while in public K-12 schools. $800.00 times 1,000 students is $800,000.00 a semester per school district steal Federal Funds. That is $1,600.000.00 per School District a year. I stated, below, I want $100.00 from the raffle concept, not the Pell Grants, per school district per year. I never said, "Touch the Pell Grants". The Legislatures have stolen Pell Grant Money and committed Copyright Infringements against me. I demand the Federal Government stop the laundering of Federal Pell Grant Money!!!! Caryn Tyson, revealed this on July 17Th 2012 at the Primary Candidate Forum at the Paola Community Center in Paola Kansas during the 12Th District Candidate Discussions. She bragged about giving $1,000 per student back to the School District. Pell Grants are for $1,800.00!!!!!

Why we need a PTA College. CLICK HERE, it shows his budget bust of our K-12 public schools budget. And CLICK HERE. It shows his original Lie's. And read this link, article. It updates his Lie's.

So what is this, you might ask? I ran for Kansas Governor in 2009 and 2010 for the 2010 election cycle. I studied up on all issues and found it very disturbing that the Kansas Legislature and the Kansas Governor is allowed to commit Larceny and steal $152 Million from the K-12 public schools budget's. I decided to expose this and to come up with a way to stop it and to put more control in the parents hands and less in the Governments hands. People can do fundraisers all day long. If they are structured in a way that still puts the control of the funds in the Government, they are defeating themselves. So this Concept/Package has two parts. They are combined as a total concept/package and will be controlled by either each U.S.D or by each P.T.A..

1. Either, "The U.S.D. Community College or the P.T.A. Community College.

Either one, at the discretion of the majority of those involved, at each School District Level, should set up a Community College within the their School's. The students would take college courses as their High School elective classes. This classes would only be open to the enrolled High School students in each school district. No one on the outside, or in the community can take these classes. The schools could set up "Outreach" offerings if they decide to. Lets look at a college offering I am familiar with. I went to college and became a Paramedic. Lets look at what would not be allowed at the High School level in this course.

A. The students cannot touch each other.

B. They cannot touch different equipment and supplies. Needles, Defibrillators etc:..

C. They cannot take the full Anatomy and Physiology class do to some of its sensitive materials.

What to do? Have the core curriculum director design the courses so they can do what they can and then they graduate and transfer to the "Outreach" classes. The High School level classes can be College Prep classes or Pre-EMS, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Accounting, Pre-Chef, Pre-Law Enforcement etc:.. They can take quite abit of the material or course studies while in High School.

They don't have to pay for these courses. Why? If they are set up "Elective Courses" they are part of their Graduation Credits, to Graduate High School. They would graduate High School with College Credits. The School can apply for Pell Grants for each eligible student. The student doesn't get one penny from this. The School's get the full eligible Pell Grant Funds. The student's are not allowed to get Student Loans, as they have not graduated High School yet. The High School is responsible for these students getting a passing grade. In college, they don't care if you show up or not. They get paid either way. In the K-12 public school's the Teachers Care. They school's demand that your in school and that you pass. The whole time these kids are taking college courses, they live at home. No "KEG" Party's, No "Pasture" Party's etc:.. Mom and Dad still control their kids. They still live at home! It is also cost effective for the students and their parents. It also gives some potential for summer classes and summer teacher pay. All elective! As to student loans. When your child graduates and they decide to finish up their course of study at the "Outreach", possibly let them get student loans. They will apply for Pell Grants again, and then possibly student loans. The difference is they don't get the money! What????? The "Outreach" holds those funds for the student for college expenses only! After they graduate, their left over money is divided into their scheduled monthly payments in paying back the student loans. Then they start paying the rest back through the job they get after graduation. This secures that the loans are for college expenses only!! They don't get loans for "Bongs", "Kegs", "Drugs", "Abortions" and all the other stupid college side crap!
Their Mom and Dad stay on as their advisers!

2. Fundraising.

The advantage that the schools have is they have gymnasiums. They have indoor Basket Ball courts. If 500 people show up for a fundraiser and pay $10.00 each in an attempt to win $500.00 cash in a game of skill, the Fundraiser would bring in $4,500.00. for that day. What is this game? "Free Throws". Each of them shoot a free throw from the free throw line. Then those who make the free throw would then get in line for the next shot. It starts one foot back form the free throw line. They each shoot one time. All those who make it get back in line and they then back up one more foot. This continues until their is only two people left. They then go back up to the free throw line and start over until someone misses. Then the winner gets, $500.00 cash. This prize money can come from the money collected or sponsored by a businesses or businesses or by organizations etc:.. If you do this 3 times a year. That would be $13,000.00 a year into your P.T.A. or U.S.D.. You can also set up micro games. You can set up a hoop and give people three basket ball's for $1.00 and give them a raffle ticket/drawing card for each free throw they make. Then they fill out the card, and drop it into hopper. At the end of the event, draw a winner for the set prize. If 250 people do this that is $250.00 to your P.T.A. or U.S.D. even if they miss. It is a game of skill, not chance, that makes it legal. You can do this at street festivals, fairs, and other street events. You can also do the same thing with, throwing a ball and knocking a bottle off of a table. 3 balls for $1.00. Each time they knock off the bottle they get a raffle ticket/drawing card for the hopper. You can set up colored and white bucket's. Give them 3 tennis balls for $1.00. For each tennis ball into the colored bucket give them a raffle ticket/drawing card for the hopper. Along with foods sales and admission to the event. You can generate alot of fundraiser revenue. If 1,000 people show up and you charge .25 cents as an admission, you collect $250.00. This also sets up an entrance for the Police to be at to stop those from entering that are restricted from school property or school aged kids. It works as a security check point. Any and all games like this are available.

Why pay me $100.00 a year and buy this concept package from me? I am licensed through the I.R.S.. I am cheaper than anyone else. It is attached to the college concept. Yea, you will have to structure the concept for its use in your school system. But it only cost you $100.00 for each year. I will keep it updated and I will show more fundraising options throughout each year. These don't cost you anymore money. Each year you pay, you get the full benefit of my offering. You also, don't have to be concerned with a company trying to hoard in or take over any of your functions. With me, your in 100% control! As stated above, summer school options come to mind. P.T.A.'s function year round. U.S.D.'s function during the school year. These fundraisers could help fund the U.S.D. or P.T.A. Community College as listed above. I looked up the info and found the following. There are 23,000 PTA's recognized by the National PTA in the United States. LOOK HERE. If each made $15,000 as above, that would be $345,000,000.00 collectively a year!!!! If they all gave me $100.00 a year that would be, 23,000 times $100.00 which is, $2,300,000.00 and I pay taxes on it. If these schools have, 81.5 million kids, READ HERE . If each student gives .03 cents. Yea three penny's to the PTA a year that would pay me my fee's. 81,500,000.00 times .03 is $2,445,000.00. That is just $145,000.00 over my fee.

See other offerings at "Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A." .

Thanks for your possible interest.

Herbert West 3rd, C.E.O.
Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A.
E.I.N. 45-1473168
21817 W. 351ST,
Paola Kansas 66071.


Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A. (C) Herbert West 3rd

**Update** August 29, 2011**

What have they missed? The usual Not-For-Profit can only raise funds for each Fiscal Year. If they buy my offering, they can raise funds for 12 years. It takes 12 years for a kindergartner to get to their Senior Year of High School. The PTA's could raise and hold funds for 12 years for these kids. Each year new kids will start kindergarten. I feel it is no more than fair that I be paid for my offering. So far I see them looking the other way and trying to steal my offering. I will be approaching parents and asking them to audit their PTA's and USD's as these organizations are refusing to support their children's interests legally. I only asked for $100.00 per PTA. Ouch!! If I file suit and win, they will have to pay me $2,800.00 and still cannot use my idea. That is per PTA. 23,000 PTA's being fined $2,800.00 each. That is $64,400,000.00 in total fines. Then they have to still pay me $100.00 a year if they want to finally use my concept without stealing it. Finally, Vocational Training and Trade School, Certificates and Registrations are not the same as College Credits or Community College. This all the USD's offer currently. These are completion programs and are not College Credit Courses. They are Free Standing. I also am not pleased that NelNet, ACS and others are trying to hoard in on this concept I wrote. They will just gouge the students and stick them with huge student loan debts and Lie's to boot. My program/concept doesn't utilize Student Loans and the USD'd collect and keep the Pell Grants within each School District. The I.R.S. has already granted me an E.I.N.. Why the School Districts think it is cheaper to steal $100.00 from me is weird. All 50 states PTA Associations are trying to block my access to the USD's about this concept. Makes you wonder how much stock in the Student Loan Company's they have? They also launder their "Teach Grant" payoff's through your kids education dollars. That just sucks!

**************************COPYRIGHTS ARE FOR 28 YEARS*******************************

Herbert West 3rd
Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA
21817 W. 351st
Paola Kansas 66071
E.I.N. 45-1473168

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