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Friday, June 10, 2011

Employment Benefit Waiver/Bonus Concept/Package.

Again, what is this? You will find alot of original idea's throughout my websites. This one is a Concept that gives more pay to the employee's and helps stop Obama care!! So far Obama has tried to structure what I call a "Dicktatorshit"!!!

Lets look at work. You work 40 hours a week and you get some benefits. You get some sick leave, vacation, over time pay and some night shift differential pay. If you sign a waiver and decide not to get, over time, night shift differential pay, sick leave and vacation, what would you get instead? The owner of your business could consider giving 1% to 20% or more of their profits to their employee's. How? They set aside the agreed upon 1% to 20% as exampled above. Then they would match every penny of each hour you clock in, GROSS. This Gross is before any City, County, State and Federal Withholding. This is given based on the waiver agreed % amount. This is paid at 1% to 100% match. It becomes a BONUS!! Lets look at $10.00 an hour. You work one hour in a pay period. You make $10.00 Gross. You contracted for a 30% match. 30% of $10.00 is $3.00. Then you get you withholding figured on you pay check and get that check. You then get your bonus check with its withholding deducted. Lets say your boss profit's 10,000.00 a month. 5% of that is $500.00. He gave you $3.00 and he now returns the $497.00 back into his company. You just grossed $13.00 an hour and did not work any extra hours. You just don't get overtime when you work over 40 hours a week. Lets say your work 50 hours at $10.00 an hour. That is $500.00 gross at 30% is $150.00 in gross bonus pay. Your boss can deduct these bonus pays as business expenses. They pay their employee's instead of paying taxes on their income as a business. They are only allowed certain levels of deductions. They can adjust these levels and they can help their staff benefit. You will need to sign an agreement every 60 days to waive the benefits, over time, sick leave etc:.. You did not get overtime because you waived it. You would have received $15.00 an hour for the 10 hours over. The withholding tax would have been greater that the bonus amount you received. Be careful when figuring this.

It is $100.00 a Quarter, $400.00 a year for businesses to use this Concept/Package. Again, consult with the I.R.S. as I am not responsible as I don't know your company's structure or tax rules. Heck I would except $1,000.00 per business address and you could use it for the 28 year Poor Man's Copyright span.

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