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Friday, October 14, 2011

How Walmart is screwing us all.

I don't work for Walmart and I am getting screwed by them. How? I have to pay twice the price for food. The city collects twice the amount in sales tax as does the State and federal Government. They are getting ready to remodel every store in the entire USA. Using the funds we paid in. They say the food is higher do to the drought and the economy. Yet they make enough to remodel every store in America? Economy my ass! Lets look at the other structure. Health Care. W.T.F. is that got to do with Walmart? Secretary of State Clinton was on the Walmart Board of Directors. And read here. And lets reflect here The Supreme Court just decided that, "The Womens Rights issue was to big for them to address". What will they decide when Obama Care hits? Then all workers, McDonalds, Hardee's, K-Mart, 7 Eleven, Q-Trip, everywhere will have to pay for Health Insurance without a raise. Clinton is allowed to screw us over now. So is Obama. Walmart needs filed on. Other businesses need to file a suit on Walmarts Corporate. They are setting up the employment world to have to get screwed by Obama. Heck Secretary of State Clinton just paid $3.8 million for her daughters wedding after collecting 1/3 of the donations collected for Indonesia. Indonesia still hasn't recieved their Tsunami refief funds. yet she recieved 1/3 and used it for her daughters wedding. Remember the President Clinton's Impeachment process? How about "Whitewater"? And HERE. Her honesty and integrity in question. 1. Fabrication's A., B., C., D.. Imagine Chelsea Clinton jogging, ALONE, without "Secret Service" anywhere!!! Bullshit!!

Again Walmart seems to gather people who can screw us over. Lets look at somemore articles, HERE, HERE, These next two show how the Wal-Mart Heiress, Elizabeth Paige Laurie , bribes Colleges. HERE and HERE. Looks like Missouri covered its ass though. They renamed the Arena and kept the bribe. Okkie Dokkie! READ HERE. And today the Media releases this story, CLICK HERE. The family heiress gets busted for a DUI.

What do I offer? Yea I wrote an offering and have a "Poor Man's Copyright" on it. It is listed/filed with the I.R.S. on my E.I.N. 45-1473168. I still own, Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA. Look at the Benefit Waiver Offering. I wrote this back on June 10/2011.

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